Words From Patrick: Tax Returns – March 2020

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As you may have heard, in the next three weeks or so, the federal government is going to be issuing stimulus checks. If you’re a married couple that made less than $150,000 collectively, you can expect a check of about $2,400 including an additional $500 for each qualifying dependent child. If you’re a single individual who made less than $75,000, you can expect a check of $1,200. With these stimulus checks is gonna come a series of scams and scam artists. Do not give out any sort of routing number account number or any banking information over the telephone. Do not give your social security number to anybody over the telephone. The federal government, in all likelihood, is not going to call you and ask for any of this information. They’re going to be getting this information from previously filed tax returns so keep an eye out for scams. If you feel like you’ve been scammed or somebody’s attempting to scam, you contact local law enforcement. 

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