Arrested for DUI? Now What?

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Criminal

By Kerry Rosenquist |

Steps to Take After a DUI

While driving under the influence is never okay, the data shows that it happens more than we would like to admit. To date, there have already been over 4,000 arrests for DUIs in North Dakota in 2021. If you or someone you care about was one of those arrests, there are steps that can be taken to do some damage control.

1. The first step is to contact an attorney.

          DUIs are serious charges that can have substantial consequences if convicted. These are not standard traffic violations where you pay $20 and get a slap on the wrist. Given the seriousness of the offense, you should make the smart move of contacting and retaining an experienced attorney to help you navigate the legal system. A DUI charge can lead to jail time, loss or suspension of driving privileges, vehicle seizure, and/or increased insurance premiums. The penalties often depend on the seriousness of the incident including the surrounding circumstances and whether it was your first offense. Hiring an attorney that has expertise in DUI law can help you achieve the best results possible. Criminal Defense attorneys have handled these cases before and understand what it takes. They can bring forward facts and defenses that may lead to reduced or dropped charges.

2. The second step is to detail the incident.

         Often, DUI penalties stem from the seriousness of the action. Therefore, the details are important when developing a defense. This means that you need to have an accurate account of the incident ready for your attorney. The best thing to do is write down everything you can remember, from the location you left, where and how you were driving, the arrest, and processing. Anything you can remember, no matter how trivial it may seem, may be of benefit. While you may not feel that these details are relevant, they can help build a solid defense to potentially lessen or drop the charges.

3. The last step is to stay calm, yet, be proactive.

          Once you have a skilled attorney, they will take the reins of the case. This should relieve some of your stress, however, that does not mean that your job is done. Stay in contact with your attorney and give them everything they ask for in order for them to properly and adequately defend you. You must attend all court dates and make yourself presentable. This means dressing appropriately and treating the charge seriously. The process may take a while, so make sure you are taking care of yourself throughout. If you are in school or have a job, keep attending and/or working. Consistency and stability are key. Often the Judge will use factors such as these in their final consideration of the penalties. Treat the charge with the seriousness it deserves but remember that mistakes do not define a person, but rather how you move forward from those mistakes.

          If you are looking at DUI charges, having an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side can make all the difference. Contact Rosenquist Law Office by phone: 701.775.0654 or by email: to set up a free consultation.

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