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By Kerry Rosenquist |

Helpful Tips For A Safe Memorial Day Weekend

          Memorial Day weekend is upon us, a time to gather with friends and family to honor the servicemen and women who lost their lives defending our country. At Rosenquist Law Office, we want to thank and remember all those who have given everything to protect and serve our great country. With the importance of such a celebration, many American employers and educational institutions will be closed on Monday. These closures lead to a long holiday weekend for many, thus allowing the opportunity to travel and gather for parties. 

          Unfortunately, Memorial Day weekend is also known as the start of the “100 deadliest days of summer.” Memorial Day weekend combines many hazards for the first time each year and often alcohol plays a major role in the accidents that result. AAA Travel is expecting a significant rebound in the number of Americans planning to travel this Memorial Day weekend. In a release, AAA Travel anticipates that “more than 37 million people are predicted to travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday, an increase of 60% from last year.” Fatal traffic accident rates are the highest in the summer, due in part to the increased traffic, with teens being at greatest risk of ending up in a deadly car accident.

          While it is important to keep safety in mind this upcoming weekend, you should also be able to unwind and have a good time with your friends and family. Although we cannot control other people’s behavior this weekend, we can take precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe. Here are some tips for a safe and fun weekend celebration:         

Grill Safety

· Never leave a grill unattended;

·  A responsible adult should control the flames and be in charge;

· Keep children and animals away from hot surfaces;

· Inspect your propane tanks and keep the grill away from any structures; and

· Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Road Safety

· Prepare your car for the trip ahead;

· Check all of your car fluids and have a full tank of gas;

·Check your tire pressure;

· Make sure your car is equipped with emergency essentials;

· Plan your route ahead and be aware of construction;

· Follow the rules of the road;

· Avoid distractions;

· Never drink and drive; and

· ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.

Water Safety

· Never swim alone whether in a lake or a pool;

· Always watch children in water even if they know how to swim;

· When boating or doing water sports always wear a lifejacket; and

· Wear sunscreen, especially when in the water, and even when it’s cloudy.

With these tips, we hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend! And remember that if you or a loved one is hurt over Memorial Day Weekend or at any other time of the year, the Rosenquist Law Office is here to help. Our team of dedicated attorneys and professionals is here for victims of accidents with free initial consultations.

Contact our team of dedicated attorneys at 701.775.0654 or email to schedule a free consultation.

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