Words From Patrick: Restraining Orders in North Dakota and Minnesota

by | Apr 1, 2022 | General | 0 comments

Hello everyone Patrick Rosenquist from Rosenquist Law Office

Maybe you have someone giving you business, harassing you in person or online. Maybe you are at a public event and the speaker made fun of your wife’s alopecia. Maybe you have a disgruntled ex or an employee that will not leave you alone. 

You may want to consider getting a disorderly Conduct Restraining Order in North Dakota or a Harassment Restraining Order if you are in Minnesota. 

There are a couple of steps to this process. You shouldn’t go through it alone, you will have to file a petition with the court and you will have to give the opposing party to the person seeking a restraining order against you the opportunity to respond. 

This can be a very intense and pressure packed situation and you need competent representation on your side. Please give us a call at 701- 775- 0654

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